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Ambitious people Ambitious results .

We're a team consisting of ambitious men & women specializing in innovative & efficient advertising of artists's music through Instagram story ads as well as creators content on TikTok through TikTok Traffic Ads.
We develop & execute efficient advertising solutions for small as well as big artists, labels & TikTok creators & have no higher priority than the clients we serve alongside their careers.

Our backgrounds are

Diverse & Powerful .

Educational Copywriting

Individuals from our team have an educational background of copywriting making them the perfect fit for the task.

Content Management

Individuals from our team previously had careers within the photography & graphic design industries solidifying their abilities to create & manage appealing content.

Advertising Experience

Individuals from our team have been running advertising projects for a minimmum of 5 years prior to joining Vertex Consulting Group, ensuring their knowledge within the field.

The Ideal Partnership

Your career means everything. We understand, & because of that we operate as if it was our own. We value your interests & are solely aspiring to elevate your career.

Our Story

Vertex Consulting Group was founded in Denmark 2020 by a merger of various digital agencies from The United States of America, Europe & Dubai. When the previous firms merged & Vertex Consulting Group was created, the founders of the old firms covered each segment in this new power house. Every senior partner has at least six years of experience in their respective field which creates the perfect foundation of a successful & strong firm across the board. Every single department of ours is managed by one of the senior partners & is well equipped for executing any of the services that we provide.

We operate with a worldwide clientele which means that regardless of where in the world you are located – we are able to execute in order to your desired service. We cover all timezones, niches & types of businesses. Our agents & developers are set-up for each timezone & category, making sure we cover the entire spectrum.

Vertex Consulting Group is build upon values as transparency, honesty, innovativeness & quality. Our main priorities is to keep all of our clients satisfied, if not ecstatic, when it comes to our services & the end result. With an overall rating of 4.4 / 5 on TrustPilot we are proud of how our clients talk about us. We have never experienced a bad outcome of a campaign which our TrustPilot solidifies as well.
Please reach out to us for any sort of inquiry & we will get back to you right away with our take on which solution would be the best & how we, together, can get the best possible end result.

Articles About Our TikTok Campaigns & Spotify Management

Maya Azucena
Maya AzucenaTrustPilot
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This is definitely THE best investment I’ve made for a service to support my music career. This service makes me feel I am in control of my own indie artist career, by reaching actual people with my music! I can say Vertex has not exaggerated their value, or overstated their service in any way. They deliver exactly as they describe, and with added value of accessible and professional communication - which makes me feel I am getting more than what I paid for. I am fully satisfied and plan to keep hiring Vertex on an ongoing basis.
Esther Tran
Esther TranTrustPilot
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These guys are providing one of the finest services out there. They do everything with utmost professionalism and are always there to help you out. They have been constantly providing great results on my Instagram account. Highly recommend them!
Alan Nazari
Alan NazariTrustPilot
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No doubt best service out there! My Spotify is boomin got picked up by Spotify to different playlists! All I can say is the results speak for themselves!! Totally recommend this for any artists
Adam Smith
Adam SmithTrustPilot
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So far so good! Every time I have a question, Kristoffer goes into great detail to make sure I understand the process. He is very friendly and shows a willingness to help. I am yet to finish my first campaign which has elapsed the 4 week stage. I was not aware that costs (or other issues) would prevent the campaign from being completed out with the timescale stated on the website. That being said, I supposedly have 50% of my investment remaining. I would rather the promotion continued for a further 4 weeks if it helped the song reach the correct audience, rather than needlessly spend all the money just to make timescale. I will provide an update on the end result in due course, but the energy and commitment from Kristoffer has convinced me to start another promotion campaign using Vertex Consulting Group even though I have unknown results from my first campaign.
ATL Yoshi
ATL YoshiTrustPilot
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So earlier this year individuals from the Vertex Consulting Group reached out asking if I was interested in a promotion service. At first I was very hesitant until they explained how the process truly worked. Once I started the promotion I already saw numbers of all types going up in followers, listeners per day, streams per day, etc. They also do a great job with communication and reaching back out to their clients on giving updates. I will definitely be using Vertex’s services in the near future and suggest them for any other independent artists as well.
Full Satisfaction Guarantee

If we are not able to achieve the guaranteed numbers occurring in the pre-written agreement / invoice of the specific campaign, we will move the remaining amount of streams that's due to the following month & cover any further costs ourselves. All clients will always get exactly what they pay for, no questions asked.