At, owned by Capital International LLC, we offer a wide range of solutions, more specifically marketing services, to our customers.

All trials and campaigns are non-refundable due to the digital nature of deliverables. In the case of a service not being provided accordingly to the agreement, Vertex Consulting Group / Capital International LLC reserve the right to transfer the amount of missing results that are due to the following month in order to uphold the initial agreement on an on-going basis until the full amount has been achieved. A refund will solely happen in the case of which Vertex Consulting Group / Capital International LLC is not able to achieve what was agreed upon within 6 months.

Every campaign, trial and service is ongoing and will bill on a recurring basis every 30th day for our Spotify Management and every 90th day for our TikTok Campaigns. In case you desire to terminate your campaign, please do so after 48 hours from the campaign starting and within 48 hours from the campaign ending. Trials can be terminated at any given point in time within the 3 days where the trial is active.

If a trial is not cancelled within the 3 days since the initiation of the trial, further $294 will be charged through your original payment method to initiate a full months campaign on the beginner campaign that is non-refundable since the trial was not cancelled.

Once paying an invoice, as mentioned in the following Terms And Conditions as well as on the price points on the website pages of and, you commit to auto-renewal if the campaign is not cancelled prior to the end of the current campaign, more specifically, within 30 days for our Spotify Management and 90 days for our TikTok Campaigns from when the campaign was initiated and within 3 days from when the trial was initiated.

When paying any sort of campaign, including a trial, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions of Vertex Consulting Group.

*Important for cancellation* For any inquiries regarding terminating your current campaign, you need to either e-mail your representative, fill out our contact form under the ‘get in touch’ menu on or e-mail:

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