How We Generate Clients For Fitness Coaches

We first collect the data of targeted Instagram users to create a list of your desired audience based on a variety of factors such as gender, age, location, niche, interest & purchase behavior / pattern among many others. To be added, we can furthermore target everyone following certain fitness & nutrition pages since they already claimed their interest in being trained by a personal coach – online as well as in real life depending on your business structure.
Afterwards we send the DM’s to the following list of people where we tailor make the message by including the unique selling points of your specific coaching business depending on what your main focus is, how the process works alongside other details.
All projects are active for 7 days meaning the turnover for clients come in at a very rapid speed. All of our clients automatically have a personal manager assigned to continuously update you all days of the week.

Legal Data Collection

Instagram DM’s are the perfect strategy to convert clients for all sorts of fitness- & nutrition coaching businesses. We target the audience for the campaigns based on a variety of factors depending on your preference. Demographic segmentation, hashtags or even other Instagram users’ followers are just a few of the possible filters we apply when collecting data for the Instagram campaigns in order to achieve the ultimate list of people that may find your niche interesting.
Pleas note – we do NOT send out DM’s from our clients’ accounts – the DM’s are solely from accounts that we control & again, never our clients’.

The Strategy

Every project concerning our Instagram DM’s occur on a 7 day basis while new campaigns launch only on Mondays in order to keep an overview of all campaigns we have active for our clients. The campaigns are live from Monday – Monday where we will refine the target audience both Tuesday & Thursday depending on what the data solidifies. Once you see your potential new clients text you directly on your Instagram you are more than welcome to give us feedback for the targeting so we can constantly optimize for the very best results & reach the exact people we need to for you to onboard as many as possible. We work very closely with all clients & you will have a personal manager of the project assigned whom will be available for you 7 days a week. Your personal manager will furthermore update you on the past progress, with the purpose of optimization, through either e-mail or WhatsApp depending on your preference of communication portal.
Prior to purchasing the following service it is necessary that you send us an e-mail through our contact formula & schedule a free consultation with one of our managers. We only take on project we know will end successfully.

What Do Our Clients Say?

Click any of the three videos below to see our clients experience with our Instagram Mass DM for Fitness Coaches

Test – Maro DeLo Giving His Thoughts On Our Instagram Mass DM

Test – Maro DeLo Giving His Thoughts On Our Instagram Mass DM

Test – Maro DeLo Giving His Thoughts On Our Instagram Mass DM

Instagram Mass DM

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”I started at less than 10K followers and now I’m at more than 100K + I’m verified with the blue tick. Vertex is by far the best to do it, no doubt.”

– Quote From, Instagram Growth Client

”Real followers, real engagement and amazing communication throughout the campaign. Overall super solid. Beyond satisfied with the results.”

– Quote From @Csbscarti Instagram Growth Client

How It Works – Step By Step

Full Money Back Guarantee

In case we are not able to achieve the numbers stated in the pre-written agreement of your specific campaign within the set timeframe we extend the campaign for 7 days further while covering all further costs & expenses that will follow in order to achieve what was guaranteed. This applies to all clients & all campaigns without any exceptions.

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