How We Generate Hot Leads

Collecting the data of targeted Instagram users to create a strong e-mail list & market in eye height for the following target group of your business is the most effective marketing strategy we have seen in our 6 years in the marketing industry, when looking at our clients ROI. When these hot leads solidify & confirm their interest by replying to our outreach e-mail, they will arrive right into your e-mail inbox. In other words – we deliver the hot leads directly to you including all information that has been discussed previously in the e-mail thread. The end result is your company having hundreds, if not thousands of potential customers that have shown immense interest prior to your sales team even pitching your product / service.

Legal Data Collection

E-mail Campaigns are the perfect strategy to create more sales & awareness for all sorts of businesses – online as well as physical stores. We target the audience for the campaigns based on a variety of factors, depending on your preference. Demographic segmentation, hashtags or even other Instagram users followers are just a few of the possible filters when collecting data for the e-mail campaigns.

The Strategy

Every project concerning our hot leads occur on a monthly basis & is split in two campaigns – an outreach & a follow-up. The first e-mail campaign, called: “The Outreach” is scheduled for every Monday of the Month. Every potential hot lead replying to the outreach e-mail & showing interest, will be re-directed directly into your e-mail inbox. From the second they reply, solidify & confirm their interest – it is your sales teams responsibility to seal the deal. The “Follow-Up” e-mails are scheduled to be sent every Thursday to every single person that received the outreach e-mail, nonetheless did not reply. We see an increase of up to 50% in terms of the deliverables due to the follow-up e-mails. Prior to purchasing the following service it is necessary that you send us an e-mail through our contact formula & schedule a free consultation with one of our managers. We only take on project we know will end successfully.

Full Money Back Guarantee

If we are not able to achieve the guaranteed numbers occurring in the pre-written agreement of the specific campaign you will receive a full blown reimbursement of the entire budget that was initially paid for the project.
Prior to the reimbursement taking place, we reserve the right taking 14 days over time from the date where the first campaign officially ended, to achieve the guaranteed results. If we are still not able to achieve these results within the following timeframe of 14 days past the end date, we will reimburse in alignment to described above unless the timeframe is stated otherwise on your invoice. .