This Months Artist – Dexperia

Dexperia – The Beautiful Journey To Millions Of Fans

It all started in 2018 when Dexperia was going through hard times & needed an escape from the the life he was currently living. Music was something that made him feel connected to his inner feelings while helping him to explore a much deeper sense of life.

Dexperias ultimate goal to this day is to share music that people can relate to. He aspires to create a source of love with his Dexperia world where listeners get reconnected with their emotions & feel empowered while listening to his tracks aiming to give hope for the ones who lost themselves while encouraging the ones with big visions & even bigger dreams.

The journey went above & beyond from day one & currently he has achieved millions of fans globally. As he expresses himself he never thought it would reach this far, yet here he is.

Dexperia is describing the fast pace journey as unreal. He never saw ‘giving up’ as an option & always looked to enjoy the beautiful journey, however, he is more than grateful to be achieving such incredible things in such short amount of time.

Take a moment & enjoy Dexperias music on Spotify – here.


” It has been amazing working with Vertex. They are definitely Dexperia approved!”

– Dexperia