This Months Artist – Maro DeLo

Maro DeLo – The Young Pop/Rock Star Touring In The US

Maro DēLo is a Pop-rock/Crossover Singer, Guitarist, and Songwriter. His long-time interest in blues, rock, and pop music has fueled his white-hot passion for songwriting and composing stories that make his audience feel less alone and more heard. Maro’s sit-down-conversational approach to his songs enable him to give listeners a sense of humility and empowerment through his storytelling lyrics and compositions. Maro is currently working with Grammy nominated producer, David Ivory, and will be releasing 12 singles in 2021-22. 

After spending the bulk of 2020 and 2021 focusing on writing music and expanding his vocal range by 2 octaves, Maro was excited to start promoting and playing for live audiences. He began touring on the east coast and central states in September. States included: Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Alabama, New Jersey and Ohio. Maro also promoted his new music releases with a billboard in Philadelphia, started a facebook Fan Club called: The DēLo’s, attended a life-changing music retreat in Costa Rica with several other artists and played at a showcase at Kristine Mirelle’s Music Hustler Live conference in Las Vegas.

2022 is a big year including a package tour with 2 other artists, Logan Thomas and Zack King in the spring of 2022, has ongoing gigs and showcases booked throughout 2022. He is collaborating on songs with other artists including Walt Lafty, Gifted Cuddo among others and is now a member of Kevin Shine’s Writing Sessions America NYC Chapter. Maro is hosting an ongoing Open Mic at Guru’s in Newtown, PA and is excited that his producer David Ivory wants to enter his singles and album in the 2022 Grammys.
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Illustrative portraiture of Maro DeLo, shot on the upper rooftop of the Powerplant Studios, 230 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19106

”All traffic towards my platforms, Spotify & Instagram, has been genuinely real which is so incredibly important for an artist like myself.”

– Maro DeLo