This Months Artist – Maya Azucena

Maya Azucena – New Years Eve Performance at Rixos Hotel In Dubai

The award winning indie artist, Maya Azucena, had the pleasure of performing on New Years Eve in the beautiful frames of Rixos Hotel, located in the center of Dubai. She’ll be returning March 5th to perform on stages at the World Expo. Maya utilized the traffic we, at Vertex Consulting Group, have been driving towards her Spotify as strong leverage to close booking deals on her own behalf which any artist can definitely learn from. This is one wonderful way to profit off of your music – especially as an independent artist. Live performances bring active income to support the artist. We encourage all artists to do like Maya – drive up your streams & followers while utilizing this momentum as leverage to close live performance deals.
Take a moment & enjoy Mayas music on Spotify – here.

”It is empowering to be working with a company like Vertex that helped taking my career to the next level”

– Maya Azucena