Vertex Consulting Group

We’ve executed over 5000 campaigns

Innovative management, consulting & advertising house operating out of our two departments in Los Angeles & Dubai. We are well known for our capability to perform, nevertheless our attention to detail, transparency & continuous thoroughness. When elevating independent & / or signed artists careers through our Spotify Management we strive to not just meet your expectations – but to exceed them.

Spotify Management

We create ads on Instagram stories, displaying your cover art while one of your songs is playing in the background. The ad includes a ‘’Swipe-Up’’ link that takes the audience directly to your Spotify Artist page, where your song will be playing. The ad set is targeted from a specified audience depending on your personal desires. This means it is niche & demographic targeted so only people that potentially would be interested in your genre of music sees the ad. We run all projects for 2 – 4 weeks depending on the ads prices for that given point in time & do not stop until we achieve the guaranteed results.

”What Vertex Consulting Group is accomplishing is revolutionary for the music industry.”

– Quote from the article below

”It is safe to say that Vertex Consulting Group elevates their artists’ careers on an incredible level.”

– Quote from the article below

Cover Story of Vertex Consulting Groups Spotify Management service for artists in the October Issue of the New York based publication – 360 Magazine.
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