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We’ve executed over 5000 campaigns

Innovative management, consulting & advertising house operating out of our two departments in Los Angeles & Dubai. We are well known for our capability to perform, nevertheless our attention to detail, transparency & continuous thoroughness. Whether it is elevating independent & / or signed artists careers through our Spotify Management, growing businesses / individuals instagram or generating leads for businesses we strive to not just meet your expectations – but to exceed them.

Lead Generation

Collecting the data of targeted Instagram users to create a strong e-mail list & market in eye height for the following target group of your business is the most effective marketing strategy we have seen in our 6 years in the marketing industry, when looking at our clients ROI. From the e-mail campaigns we deliver the hot leads directly to you including all information that has been discussed previously in the e-mail thread. The end result is your company having hundreds, if not thousands of potential customers that have shown immense interest prior to your sales team even pitching your product / service.

Instagram Mass DM

We first collect the data of targeted Instagram users to create a list of your desired audience based on a variety of factors such as gender, age, location, niche, interest & purchase behavior / pattern among many others. To be added, we can furthermore target everyone following certain fitness & nutrition pages since they already claimed their interest in being trained by a personal coach – online as well as in real life depending on your business structure. Afterwards we send the DM’s to the following list of people where we tailor make the message by including the unique selling points of your specific coaching business depending on what your main focus is, how the process works alongside other details.

Spotify Management

We create ads on Instagram stories, displaying your cover art while one of your songs is playing in the background. The ad includes a ‘’Swipe-Up’’ link that takes the audience directly to your Spotify Artist page, where your song will be playing. The ad set is targeted from a specified audience depending on your personal desires. This means it is niche & demographic targeted so only people that potentially would be interested in your genre of music sees the ad. We run all projects for 2 – 4 weeks depending on the ads prices for that given point in time & do not stop until we achieve the guaranteed results.

”What Vertex Consulting Group is accomplishing is revolutionary for the music industry.”

– Quote from the article below

”It is safe to say that Vertex Consulting Group elevates their artists’ careers on an incredible level.”

– Quote from the article below

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